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Kael at Braided Earth Healing Arts specializes in holistic, personalized care for people with complex and chronic health conditions. Reduce your pain and stress, befriend your body, and navigate post-traumatic growth with any of our services in integrative health coaching and therapeutic bodywork. Let's get you feeling good in your body.
  • Navigate your wellness goals in a 30, 45, or 60-minute session
    starting at $65
  • 30 minutes: introductions & mini session. Required for all new clients
  • Full of goals? Toss 'em like spaghetti on the wall & see what sticks.
    125 US dollars
  • Design small, actionable steps to reach your thriving wellness goals.
    125 US dollars
  • Single sesh. Short on time doesn't have to mean short on progress.
    65 US dollars
  • Learn the language of your body through somatic coaching and therapeut...
    125 US dollars
  • Recommended for stronger development in achieving wellness goals.
    starting at $305
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