The Full Story

Braided Earth Healing Arts, LLC

Let me begin by saying I am absolutely, positively, gleefully bonkers for helping individuals see how truly amazing they are and how they can use their unique awesome-ness to improve their well-being and be a contributing part of the world. How resilient and creative and capable people are when it comes to moving through difficult times lights me up every day.

So what does this have to do with Braided Earth? Well, it began while observing "wellness" on both the macro and micro levels, looking at resiliency, well-being, happiness, and vulnerability.

In my studies around the world, I have discovered similar themes of healing from seemingly vastly different cultures. To me, this was intriguing. Community engagement and support, local produce and food, space for play and joy, effective communication, hard work, and harmonizing with nature and the environment in a symbiotic relationship so as not to overwhelm it or overrule it are shared themes of wellness all across the globe. 

On a micro level, health and wellness in each individual fluctuates with what one experiences on any given day. The food and substances you consume, the information you take in, the people you surround yourself with, your emotions that arise, your body's responses and reactions, your thoughts and internal messages about the world and yourself, how you put yourself to work, and the environment you are placed in, and of course the pathogens you're exposed to all contribute to your well-being every single day.


The truth is whether it is at the macro or micro level (or somewhere in between), health is dynamic. It moves, shifts, bends, and even breaks out of usual molds depending on your experiences. It is fluid because it spans over many dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual, relational, financial, purpose, communal, ancestral... the list goes on. Each dimension co-mingles with one another in an interwoven fashion. This weaving, lacing, braiding is how Braided Earth was conceived. 


As a holistic health coaching and therapeutic bodywork service, Braided Earth helps you weave these parts of your life in a way that provides balance, bolsters your confidence, and enhances your overall well-being for increased quality of life.



Braided Earth’s Mission of blending integrative wellness coaching with therapeutic massage and bodywork promotes a safe and inclusive space for clients with chronic health conditions to navigate their unique well-being by building creative resilience through and after hardships.

Braided Earth allows clients to heal the relationships with their bodies through building self-efficacy, learning their unique strengths, and successfully departing from unwanted behavior patterns. Through this partnership, clients are able to design a life that's deeply nourished and resilient.


Braided Earth's Vision is to empower individuals with chronic health conditions to: mindfully and skillfully build on their strengths, depart from unhelpful patterns, own their freedoms after experiencing difficult circumstances,  support the growth of clients’ inner wisdom through creative self-discovery, and facilitate healthy relationships to their body and to the external world.