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Have you received services or bought supplemental health products from us and can't quite remember the tips and tricks we offered? We've got you covered!


Click on any of the pictures below to view our guides or click "Go to Link" under enlarged picture to download and/or print the PDFs on common recommendations or how-tos for your at-home care.


Using Your Silicone Cups

Trying to work out scar tissue from after surgery or get relief at home from muscle tension? Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your cups!

Magnesium Guide

Using Topical Magnesium

Hate getting leg cramps in the middle of the night or dealing with sore, achy muscles daily? Follow along these helpful tips to feel the best with your magnesium spray.

Ice Massage Guide

How to Ice Massage

Have a small area that needs icing? Don't waste a large ice pack and 20 minutes of your time, take 2 minutes instead to try ice massage for post-massage muscles or minor injuries.

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