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What Is Health & Well-being Coaching?

First and foremost, coaching is founded on the understanding that you, the client, are the best expert on you and your life. Us coaches firmly believe that people come to each session whole, wise, and capable.

Coaching is a collaborative partnership where you can discover what works in your life while crafting plans and taking deliberate steps to achieve your goals. Coaching can deepen your self-knowledge, help you identify and challenge barriers and limiting belief structures that hold you back, and allows you to cultivate your strengths and highlight your abilities. The premise of coaching believes that you – the client – have the insight and know-how to reach your holistic health needs.

As a coach, I am not here to tell or direct you on what to do, how to be, or where to put your energy. You make the decisions for your life. You choose how to get to your goals. By implementing evidence-backed strategies and methods, I simply act as a flashlight to help you see opportunities that may otherwise have been hidden or blocked from sight. Of course, should you request health information or education that is within my wheelhouse of knowledge, I am happy to provide insight on those matters, but only with your permission or by request. 

By using interactive modalities that engage your exploration, expression, and communication, you receive the space and tools for gaining insight and clarity on your whole-system health and wellness. Coaching promotes self-awareness and attention to mind, body, emotions, and essence, allowing you to remember that each part of you is valid and worthy of attention.

What Makes Braided Earth Coaching "Integrative"?

Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching is a holistic, mind-body-spirit service that provides supportive navigation in health and wellbeing areas which you, the client, wish to explore. Your coaching sessions are unique to you – your needs, desires, and circumstances – as you design the focus of each session.

My studies have equipped me to have a firm understanding in both conventional, western medical approaches as well as practices that are used in complementary and integrative medicine and health. Other than in Massage and Bodywork, I am not an expert on these practices, nor am I a physician, so I cannot diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure. I can, however, offer insight in these fields where applicable and when desired. 

What is the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Although therapists and educated coaches share a lot of similar background in understanding behavior, there are major differences that are important to clarify. 

First, and perhaps most important, coaches do not have the authority or expertise to diagnose or treat mental health abnormalities or illness. We are, however, trained to see signs of mental health conditions and are required to recommend respective resources for clients. 


Coaching focuses on the "here and now" and helping individuals get to where they want to be in the future, while therapy focuses on dissecting the fears, traumas, and pain of the past that may affect their behavior in the "here and now". It is not uncommon for therapists and coaches to use the same strategies when helping clients/patients gain clarity on their situation, but the unpacking of the situation and emotions differ.

With coaching, clients are offered a safe space to address their emotions, perspectives, and past situations may have affected their current behavior, but, are then guided to look at how their current behavior can or could be looked at in order to fulfill a need or reach a health goal. 

As a coach who is strengthening her skillset in trauma, diversity, transitional well-being, and complex health conditions, I act as a facilitator for individuals to move through and beyond the struggles so they can feel what it's like to live past survivor-mode and into a thriving life. If this sounds like you, I highly recommend teaming with a therapist along with coaching to best ignite your thriving transformation.

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