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Kael at Braided Earth Healing Arts specializes in holistic, personalized care for people with complex and chronic health conditions. Reduce your pain and stress, befriend your body, and navigate post-traumatic growth with any of our services in integrative health coaching and therapeutic bodywork. Let's get you feeling good in your body.
  • Unwind, relax, & restore: Therapeutic bodywork to promote wellbeing
    Starting at $55
  • 30 minutes of personalized bodywork for spot-specific care.
    59.61 US dollars
  • Full body? Upper body only? Legs and ears? 1hr of blissful you-time
    119.22 US dollars
  • Hour and a half of pure, therapeutic goodness.
    173.41 US dollars
  • Attentive, individualized care for one or two areas of concern.
    119.22 US dollars
  • Perfect for medical history you'd like extra, healing attention to.
    173.41 US dollars
  • 60+min of Massage with energy work to balance body, mind, spirit.
    173.41 US dollars
  • 90+min massage + energy work to support Body-Mind-Spirit connection
    216.76 US dollars
  • Energy work including Healing Touch to balance subtle energy systems.
    59.61 US dollars
  • Partnered care of ancient Ayurvedic oil technique and massage for the ...
    180 US dollars
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