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Holistic Wellness Coaching + Bodywork + Creative Expression for a Thriving, Embodied Life

 Life is more than simply "dealing" with chronic conditions. Whether you're looking to prioritize rest, generate a health care team that supports you fully, or learn to communicate with your body that enhances your health and optimizes your natural healing processes, Braided Earth is here to help you thrive in Body, Mind, Spirit, and Environment. Schedule a free, 30-minute Curiosity Consultation + Mini Coaching Session today and gift yourself the support that comes with intentional, sustainable and compassionate transformation.

now offering outside coaching April - September!


Welcome to Braided Earth. 

I am glad you found us! 

I'm Kael, your St Croix Valley nature-lovin' Integrative Health Coach + Massage Therapist. Some have called me their thought-detangler, muscle-destresser, accountability buddy, inspiration-facilitator, metaphor-indulger, and resilience warrior. I'm here to help you create and foster loving relationships with your body and to the world around you so you can find ways to thrive at home and in your work.


If you feel like your chronic or messy health conditions are sweeping the rug out from under you, you're not alone. I've been there. Countless injuries, illnesses, and heart-wrenching traumas led me down a long, winding path where I had to find my way out of the darkness and rekindle a healthy relationship with my body to gain sovereignty in my actions. (you can read more about me here).

Connecting to your body in a safe way unlocks natural healing for both your body and your mind. With some diligence, compassion, and curiosity to explore what's important to you, you can crawl out of survival mode and create a life you can thrive in.



Starting at $15/month

Enjoy the benefits of a low-cost monthly membership to support your healing through every season. Memberships include:

  • Discounts for massage & coaching sessions, workshops, and classes

  • Yearly virtual access to Braided Earth's weekly Mindfulness + Massage + Movement midday work breaks at no charge

  • Priority access for workshops and packages

  • Referral system rewards and discounts

  • "Bring Fam or Friend" discounts

  • Special edition "Crafty Explorer" at-home creative expression kit Membership Add-on

  • and more to come!

What can Braided Earth provide for You?

Back Massage

massage & coaching client

I have worked with Kael for the last few years and with her energy work, muscle movement and general kindness I was able to move forward through significant trauma. I would recommend Kael as an amazing healer, teacher and a compassionate individual.

coaching client

Kael’s skills in guided meditation/imagery were so beneficial in my coaching session. I was really struggling to find clarity in a personal dilemma, but through the guided meditation, reflections, and curious questions Kael guided me to a place where I could actually feel my feet on the ground. After our session, I was able to clearly identify and act on next steps to resolving the issue I was struggling with.

Image by Yogendra Singh

coaching client

I went into coaching not knowing what to expect. After 5 sessions [with Kael], I now feel confident and comfortable in prioritizing my time and energy in a way that makes sense for my life. I had no clue coaching would help me find deeper meaning and value in my life.