Project Wellness

Looking for Providers

Starting March 2022
One Year Lease

12445 55th St. N.
Suite A

Lake Elmo, MN, USA


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We are looking to build a wellness co-operative! Independently-owned businesses and health care providers working under one roof for individual and community wellness.

Hi Lovelies, your resident integrative health coach and massage therapist, Kael, here to shine the light on this exciting new venture! 


For 16 years, I have worked in the St Croix Valley and listened to hundreds of clients ask "Why isn't there a place with quality practitioners that will help look at me like a whole person and offer some community events?"


Even more recently, there has been an upheaval of people crying out for community-based well-being centered around connecting with our environment, with each other, and with ourselves in a safe and meaningful way. It make sense, this is how our minds, bodies, and spirits thrive, and I'm a deep believer that it is how we get through ailments and have better healing chances when disease comes our way. Bonus, connection in this way aids as preventative measures, too.

The Saint Croix Valley is a treasure trove of ecological beauty and holds incredible potential for community-based healing. It's the perfect spot -- and perfect time! -- to bring approachable and accessible care to the community and to one another. 

Why a Wellness Co-Op?

Who will fill the space?

The goal of the space is to have "conventionally" trained providers who are passionate about holistic healthcare and have taken additional steps to expand their health education and training towards integrative approaches. As it sits right now, I am looking for the following types of providers to fill the space:

  • Integrative Physician (MD, DO, DNP, PA) and/or Functional Medicine Provider

  • Acupuncturist

  • Therapists or Counselors for adults or couples, preferably trauma-trained

  • Dietician

  • Yoga instructors, preferably trauma-trained (positions filled)

  • Herbalist (position filled, could have one more)

  • Massage Therapist (positions filled)

  • Health Coach (position filled)

  • Reiki providers (positions filled)

Each provider is required to have insurance and to follow licensing guidelines where appropriate.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: providers must be reliable, honest, driven, excited to work in a group setting, and hold a high standard for safety and security of space.

How does it work?

Each provider will have their own independent business. They have full autonomy in how their business works and who they see, their scheduling, insurance, payments, and so forth. They are not required or expected to pay commission or fees other than rent.

The center/studio/co-op will have a name separate from Braided Earth so as to support the sovereignty of each business as well as to make it easier for people to find the location.

Rent includes the following:

  • Use of the leased room

  • Use of the shared break room and bathrooms (wheelchair accessible toilet in each bathroom)

  • Use of shared outside space and deck

  • Use of loft when yoga is not in session

  • Wi-Fi/internet

  • Cabinet with lock behind reception

  • Democratic vote on how the space is used and community events such as fundraisers

  • Free parking

  • Access to building 7 days a week

What is the space like?
What rooms are available?

The building is an airy, vaulted A-frame with warm wood floors and panels. There is a glass, double French door entrance to a large conference room which sits below the loft (will be used for yoga). The conference room will likely be used as a store front for natural healthcare products such as herbs, teas, and tinctures, as well as for local products like non-perishable foods, books, gifts, and local art. The conference room will be available to rent on an hourly rate for classroom-needed activities and groups.

The reception area is covered in river rock and has plenty of room for storage behind the desk.

There is an outdoor space that is shared with the whole building, along with the break room and restrooms.

There will be three enclosed rooms available with (approximate) square footage.

  • Unit 1: 100 sf

  • Unit 3: 300 sf

  • Unit 4: 100 sf


Each room has windows and a view of the pond located just behind the office (and yes, you do see wildlife!). The rooms have vaulted ceilings approximately 20 feet high, and windows into the main area near the top of the wall.


The goal is to have a full time provider or two part time providers in each of the rooms. For instance, I will be sharing my room with another Massage Therapist + Herbalist during my off hours.


Do you know someone who may fit the provider descriptions above? Are you interested in being involved in some way? Would you like a tour of the studio?


Please contact me with any provider referrals, insights, ideas, or interest in a walk through of the office!

All help is appreciated!

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